About Us

Samarasata Manch was inaugurated on April 14, 1983 at Pune. Honourable Dattopant Thengdi spoke on the occasion. His speech became famous under the title 'Equality Impossible Without Harmony'. Dattopant is known as a great thinker in the Sangh. His presentation is usually accepted as that of the Sangh. In the said speech, he had traced the common points in the social ideology of Dr. Ambedkar and Dr. Hedgewar. He had shown how the orientation of a worker engaged in Samarasata should occur. The third Sarsanghchalak, revered Shri Balasaheb Deoras, had made the Sangh stand clear on 'Hindu organisation and social equality' in 1974.

Thereafter, Samarasata Manch started trying to harmonize the Phule-Ambedkar thought with the Hindutva philosophy. The problems they took in hand belonged to the entire Hindu society and therefore, it would be quite appropriate to call them Hindu reformers.

Samarasata Manch undertakes the celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti as a common platform to not just honor Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, but also use the opportunity to raise social issues and developmental agenda for the weaker sections of society. These programs are organised on a big scale in many locations including Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik by the Samarasata Manch.